• Early Spring – A granular application of fertilizer to green up the lawn and a preemergent to help prevent grassy weeds like crabgrass and foxtail.
  • Late Spring – A booster application of preemergent to help control grassy weeds like crabgrass and foxtail. A ‘maintenance’ application of fertilizer to keep the lawn green and healthy.  A blanket spray of the whole yard is also done for broadleaf weeds.
  • Summer – A slow-release fertilizer that feeds the lawn over the summer months. Spot treatment for broadleaf weeds and nutsedge as needed.
  • Grub Control – An application that is applied at the same time as the summer fertilizer. It will help control grubs that damage the yard.
  • Summer Weed Control – An application to control problem weeds in the summer time.
  • Fall – Application of fertilizer to help rebuild turf after summer stress plus broadleaf weed control as needed.
  • Winterizer – A heavy application of nitrogen fertilizer to build food reserves for next spring. Winterizer is the most important fertilizer application of the year.
  • Landscaping – We will give you a complete landscape plan giving you the best layout for your property.
  • Pruning – Keep your landscape looking sharp with professional pruning.
  • Mulching – Make your landscape beds “pop” with color by adding new mulch. Mulch helps hold in moisture and reduces weeds.

We can fix, update or maintain any sprinkler system.

  • Service – We can fix, update or maintain any sprinkler system.
  • Installation – We will design and install a top quality Hunter system based on the layout of your yard.

Whether it’s connecting down spouts or just a low area that collects water, we will put in the proper size tubing and drains to fix any problem.